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lazy bones [entries|friends|calendar]

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[04 Mar 2017|10:43am]
honestly, if i had known? i probably would've told you not to do it.
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[31 Dec 2016|11:45pm]
I wrapped my wounds in calendar pages but maybe this time I'll call it a cocoon instead of a bandage. Transformation instead of triage. I'm looking in the mirror and calling this survival, but I'm thinking this time next year I can be calling it hope.

Peace out, 2016. You've been a real weird one.
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[10 Nov 2016|12:14am]
so we fuck til we come to conclusions; all the things that we thought we were losing.
i'm a ghost and you know this. that's why we broke up in the first place.
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[14 Oct 2016|04:40pm]
begging for love, but you're old enough to know better than you know.
you hate so much and you're better off alone.
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[03 Oct 2016|02:07am]
fuck it.
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[01 Sep 2016|12:57am]
pg1.Collapse )
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la cocaina/ [25 Jun 2016|01:24am]
i feel like i'm not cut out for this. for any of this.

my sincerest apologies; i will never change.
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[09 Mar 2016|12:44am]
what do you do when you're freaking out about something and the only person who would understand you is the only person you can't speak to

because i need to know how to deal with this and you're the only one who'd know.
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[20 Feb 2016|10:55pm]
"Look, darling, hasn't this gone a little too far?"
"It certainly has."
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[22 Jan 2016|12:51am]
it was very quiet today, but the sun shone bright and warm.
you know, like a rainbow after a storm or something.

waiting for spring semester to begin. and god, i can't wait.
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[28 Oct 2015|03:15pm]
and then i felt chills in my bones, the breath i saw was not my own.
i knew my skin that wrapped my frame wasn't made to play this game.
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[02 Sep 2015|02:10am]
and now i just sit in silence.
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car radio [28 Aug 2015|01:52am]
I ponder of something terrifying, cause this time there's no sound to hide behind. I find over the course of our human existence, one thing consists of consistence; it's that we're all battling fear.
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[08 Aug 2015|01:59am]
i get high, and i love to get low. so the hearts keep breaking, and the heads just roll.
you know, that's how the story goes.
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[04 Jun 2015|02:09am]
i don't know if i want to move slower, cause i've learned, and because i'm getting older. the devil spoke, so i leaned a little closer.
finding truth is like fighting heavy shoulders.
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0417; [20 Apr 2015|12:43am]
You finally caught that roadrunner and blew him up. I finally got it through my thick cranium. You wake up and get dressed, and then you check your pressure. Are those covalent bonds still holding you together? I'm working hard at being my own MVP, instead of feeling lucky just to have made the team.

If you want to finish, you could run your minute and make your time. If you are without, well, I'm full of it, so come take some of mine. You gonna cast me away into outer darkness cause I couldn't cover rent to stay at God's apartment? I've got a shovel and even though I've hit paydirt, I'm really just happy to have gotten the work. If you could be the wind, then I would be a leaf, because I'm finished with these pliers; sick of pulling my teeth.

How are you feeling? Are you healing? What's it mean to be sealed to me?

Storm on the bay, we all drift away. Your kingdom never comes; I ain't no chosen one.
Heart stops beating, float through the ceiling.
Those gates won't be sealed to me.
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[11 Apr 2015|09:31pm]
vile work for a surgeon
soft skin like a virgin
surfin' in a whirlwind eyes all twerlin'
wondering what the world meant
because lifes still working

hurting like a hurricane
never knew i'd never change
only drink lemonade
futuristic heaven maid

kissing with our tounges
lying under suns
having all the fun
wishing we were one.
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[09 May 2013|09:54pm]
really need someone to talk to
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[09 Apr 2013|04:49pm]

what the fuck am i doing

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[27 Nov 2012|09:14pm]

been alive for 6 years, bitches.
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